Company Culture & Diversity

Success through diversity

We are convinced that the diversity of our team is a major factor in our success. It is not surprising that people of diverse cultural and religious backgrounds, age groups and lifestyles will approach a problem from different perspectives, often arriving at better, more creative and viable solutions than will a homogeneous team. Not only our own firm benefits from this philosophy, but also our equally varied international clients. This is why diversity is an essential element of our company culture.

Open door policy

At Maiwald work is carried out in a relaxed and informal atmosphere with an open door policy and is characterized by mutual respect and open-mindedness. Each individual is valued equally for his or her very own capabilities and character regardless of gender, family situation, origin, religion, sexual orientation or physical disabilities.

Mixed teams

We are proud of the fact that at Maiwald people from many different countries work together in a spirit of harmony and cooperation. We take gender equality and equal advancement opportunities very seriously. This is evidenced by the high proportion of women at management level.

Social commitment

Fair-mindedness and social responsibility, openness and willingness to help are not only practiced in our day-to-day interactions at the workplace, but also extend beyond it. Maiwald donates annually to charitable organizations that support and promote educational and social programs for needy children. These include:

  • Homework supervision at the Bergmann elementary school in the Westend district of Munich
  • Aktion “Adventskalender für gute Werke” sponsored by the Süddeutsche Zeitung, which provides a daily lunch to children from disadvantaged families
  • Children’s hospice Munich
  • Deutsche Kinder-und Jugendstiftung which is focused on children’s education in Germany
  • Stiftung Lesen which aims to develop crucial reading and media skills among children in Germany